Small Changes

By Jennifer | Crunch

I don’t follow the green community very closely, but I saw a lot of folks talking about reducing plastic use this month. Since I’ve been trying to be more environmentally conscious, I decided to make a very small, but hopefully impactful, change.

Small changes

Every week I buy one big Fage yogurt and 5 individual yogurts. The big one is for home, and the small ones I take to work and have them promptly at 3pm. But every time I purchased those 5 yogurts, it made me cringe a bit. The plastic use and the additional cost made me sad.

So I finally put my money where my mouth is. I bought two big yogurts instead, and dished them out into smaller containers for work. Boom.

Plus these containers were originally purchased for Beans so it makes me smile when I go to grab my daily yogurt at work.

Reusable containers for yogurt

What small changes have you made in your consumption habits?

Posted July 24, 2017

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