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Why I Cancelled Netflix

By Jennifer | Mindfulness, Minimalism

I’m actually still subscribed to Netflix as I start to write this post. I’ve been carefully considering cancelling Netflix for about a week now. I don’t like to sit on these decisions for very long, because there’s a likelihood I’ll chicken out. Here are the reasons I’m cancelling Netflix. I’m On A Cancelling Kick If… Read More »

Beans the Minimalist Baby

By Beans | Minimalism

Hi. I’m Beans. I’ve been on this planet for just about 18 months now. I am a baby, and I am a minimalist. I’m here to tell you my minimalism story. Of course my name isn’t really Beans. In fact, my name in its entirety has 21 characters in it. It will probably take me… Read More »

Stop Should

By Jennifer | Mindfulness

Here’s the thing about what you should and shouldn’t do. Ever since I read this email from Steven Handel of The Science of Self, I started thinking about where “should” exists in my life and what it means to me. Steven said: When you find yourself saying “I really should do ______,” it reflects a deep internal conflict… Read More »

Small Changes

By Jennifer | Crunch

I don’t follow the green community very closely, but I saw a lot of folks talking about reducing plastic use this month. Since I’ve been trying to be more environmentally conscious, I decided to make a very small, but hopefully impactful, change. Every week I buy one big Fage yogurt and 5 individual yogurts. The… Read More »

Why I Quit Amazon Prime

By Jennifer | Crunch, Minimalism

I quit Amazon prime for a few reasons, one particularly being the last straw. However, let me start from the beginning. I’ve been a customer of Amazon’s since 2002, as they proudly display on my account page. Whoa. That’s a really long time. Not sure how long I’ve been a Prime member. But I was… Read More »

Successful Decluttering Project

By Jennifer | Minimalism

In Part 1 of Project Declutter, I gave pointers for getting into the right mindset to purge belongings. It isn’t easy to get rid of things, either because of the emotional attachment you place on an item, or because it’s something you actually do need to keep around, or maybe it’s something that you might… Read More »

iPhone Minimalism: Outsmart Your Smartphone

By Jennifer | Mindfulness

When it comes to smartphones, it’s very clear that phones aren’t just being used as tools. They’re being used as crutches. How are we supposed to enjoy what’s here and now when our iPhones have hold of our senses? We’re becoming attached to our technological devices: phones, tablets, laptops, etc, to the point of dependency.… Read More »

You Are Not Your Car

By Jennifer | Minimalism

I was car-less for over a year, as I sold mine since I didn’t need one when I moved into the city. I lived in center city Philadelphia. I didn’t need a vehicle; I could easily walk to the grocery store (Reading Terminal Market) and to my bank (downstairs) and my friends were also within walking distance.… Read More »

How Close Do You Feel To Everyone In The World?

By Jennifer | Mindfulness

There’s an interesting question on a happiness survey I take regularly. It’s simply labeled question #8, and it asks you to choose one of these items based on how you feel I feel cut off from other people. I feel neither close to nor cut off from other people. I feel close to friends and… Read More »

Daily Journaling

By Jennifer | Mindfulness

It’s no secret that writing in a journal every day can make you feel awesome. There’s tons of opportunities for searching, learning, and gaining clarity. Or simply keeping a record of your life. Look. I know most of you are in your 30’s or older. You think keeping a diary is strange. It’s a waste… Read More »