Let’s go #NearoWaste on Instagram

By Jennifer | Crunch

An Instagram Account Dedicated to Near Zero Waste

So, I’m a bit nuts. I decided to create a new Instagram account dedicated to #NearoWaste, or Near Zero Waste.

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In the past I’ve shared Honey Rule-related stuff on my personal Instagram account @jenny.pancakes. But let’s face it: not everyone that follows me on that account gives a shit about zero waste. And I don’t want to inundate them with my crunchy crap.

Near Zero Waste Tips

On @nearowaste, I plan to share my best nearo waste tips. I’ve already posted a few photos talking about some nearo waste struggles and successes:

  • A recent cloth wipe tissue dispenser win
  • Bulk spices at a nearby co-op
  • Adorable reusable cotton flannel facial rounds from Marley’s Monsters
  • Crazy beautiful natural cleaning supplies from Wild Minimalist
  • A sneak preview of a Lena Menstrual cup review

Here are a few posts:

the zero waste community is so cool. i was inspired by @marleysmonsters to kick out disposable tissues and paper towels and swap them for reusable, washable cloth wipes. . then @bezerowastegirl shared a photo of her tissue jar full of scraps her family uses. so much handier and more attractive than just throwing a pile of cloth wipes in various places throughout the house! . i used @marleysmonsters folding technique and stuffed our cloth wipes into a mason jar, and voilà: we have a “tissue” dispenser🎉 . what great #zerowaste ideas have you gotten from instagram? . -Jenn (@jenny.pancakes) . . . #goingzerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #wastefree #goinggreen #plasticfree #nomoreplastic #environmentallyfriendly #noplastic #trashisfortossers #saynotoplastic #greenliving #gogreen #savetheearth #livegreen #loveearth #thinkgreen #zerowaste #nearowaste #honeyrule

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My Goal For @NearoWaste

With anything I do (which is quite the… uh… smattering of things), I’m trying my darndest to just spread the word.

Most importantly:

I want to grow @nearowaste so it will help make the zero waste movement seem more attainable by all.

Every little bit counts. The more we all do, the better off we are.

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Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Posted January 17, 2018


  1. Lindsay

    Awesome! I was literally thinking about doing this today. I’m currently on an 18 day break from insta for the new year, but friend me so I can follow along! @lindseasnow

    • Jennifer

      yay, the more the merrier!!


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