Zero Waste Periods: Adventures in Menstrual Cups

By Jennifer | Crunch

Lena menstrual cup review - adventures in zero waste periods with Wild Minimalist and Honey Rule

Over on Wild Minimalist I’m talking about the pros and cons of the Lena Menstrual Cup.

Lena menstrual cup delivered from Wild Minimalist

Yeah, it’s a full blog post about Aunt Flow. The Red Tide. Periods. Gross.

But I promise it’s worth a read if you’ve been toying with the idea of creating less waste per menstrual cycle.

Handwritten thank you note from Max and Lily of Wild Minimalist zero waste online shop and Lena Cup

Also, Max and Lily of Wild Minimalist were kind enough to set up a discount for you guys.

Use code honeyrule to get 10% off of orders $50 or more.

Head on over to Wild Minimalist to read the post!

I’ve also purchased a few other things from them and am very happy with the products:

Yesterday was a fun adventure in my #nearowaste (near #zerowaste) journey. I got two deliveries—one from @marleysmonsters (some cotton facial rounds for my skincare routine) and one from @wildminimalist (glass spray bottles for DIY natural cleaner and a plastic-free scrub brush for the tub). . I’d like to think Marley’s Monsters got me started on my #nearowaste kick, when I purchased a whole stack of their cloth wipes which I use to replace disposable tissues, paper towels, and rags. . I’m planning a few #nearowaste posts on HONEYRULE.COM soon! . Tag a friend who you think would like these zero-plastic products. . . . #goingzerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #wastefree #goinggreen #plasticfree #nomoreplastic #environmentallyfriendly #noplastic #trashisfortossers #saynotoplastic #greenliving #gogreen #savetheearth #livegreen #loveearth #thinkgreen #bulletproofcoffee

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Posted January 23, 2018

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