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Are You a Responsible Consumer?

By Jennifer | Crunch, Minimalism

Minimalism is like a gateway drug for helping the environment. Once you begin to consume less, you’ll notice you’re wasting less. Here are ways to be a more responsible consumer. Read my guest post on No Sidebar—link below! Read on No Sidebar Cover photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Choosing to Repair My Boots Instead of Replacing Them

By Jennifer | Crunch, Minimalism

Finding the right boots is an undertaking. Especially as a minimalist. These boots need to go with everything. You should want to wear them all the time. They need to be able to be dressed up and dressed down. They should be high quality and durable. I got lucky in 2013 in the boot world.… Read More »

Small Changes

By Jennifer | Crunch

I don’t follow the green community very closely, but I saw a lot of folks talking about reducing plastic use this month. Since I’ve been trying to be more environmentally conscious, I decided to make a very small, but hopefully impactful, change. Every week I buy one big Fage yogurt and 5 individual yogurts. The… Read More »

Why I Quit Amazon Prime

By Jennifer | Crunch, Minimalism

I quit Amazon prime for a few reasons, one particularly being the last straw. However, let me start from the beginning. I’ve been a customer of Amazon’s since 2002, as they proudly display on my account page. Whoa. That’s a really long time. Not sure how long I’ve been a Prime member. But I was… Read More »