Choosing to Repair My Boots Instead of Replacing Them

By Jennifer | Crunch, Minimalism

Finding the right boots is an undertaking. Especially as a minimalist.

These boots need to go with everything. You should want to wear them all the time. They need to be able to be dressed up and dressed down. They should be high quality and durable.

I got lucky in 2013 in the boot world.

My Boots

I have one pair of real-person boots (I have one pair of snow boots, too, but those don’t really count).

I purchased my boots in October 2013 from Sole Society for $120. The Carolyn riding boot in Amaretto. I got really lucky with these boots. I loved them, they were comfortable, and I wore them all the time.

So I wore them in the winter of 2013-2014.

The next winter, I started shopping for new boots since these were a little worn. Didn’t find any that I liked as much.

Fast forward to 2017. These boots are now 4 years old and haven’t been replaced because I wasn’t able to find a replacement I like as much. I was willing to spend any amount to find boots I loved as much as these.

Boot Sadness

After 3 winters and a handful of months, these boots are in very bad shape.

Boots before repair - the soles are in bad shape

Boots before repair - the leather is worn down

Boots before repair - the soles are worn through

Boots before repair - the toes are in bad shape

Still no luck finding a replacement.

Boot Repair for $30

Instead, I Yelped and found a reputable cobbler nearby. I took them in and they judged me so hard for having shoes in such bad shape. But they took them in and fixed them for me for $30.

Choosing to repair my leather riding boots instead of buying a new pair

Here are the boots after repair:

Boots after repair, heels

Boots after repair, leather

Boots after repair, soles

Boots after repair, toes

How’s that for re-using?

Fast fashion scares the bajeebers out of me

After reading this article about ethical fashion, I am really hesitant to buy new clothes without doing a lot of research first.

So instead of spending a ton of time trying to find new boots that may not live up to my standards, I chose the slow fashion route and got my good-quality boots repaired.

Win win win.

Leather boot repair

Leather boot repair and restoration

Leather boot repair

Leather boot repair

What do you think about shoe repair versus buying new shoes? I’d also love to chat more about ethical fashion. Comment below!

Posted November 6, 2017


  1. Kim

    WOW! They did a phenomenal job repairing those boots. I like the idea of repairing rather than replacing, as long as the shoes are still comfy inside. The last few times I've bought new shoes/boots, I've gone to the cobbler and had them add little protectors to the heels where I know I'll wear down because of how I walk. That seems to prolong their life!

    • Jennifer

      They really did do such a great job, I am so happy with the repairs they made! And I still can't believe they only charged me $30. That's a great idea about the heel protectors. I'll ask about those next time. Now that you mention it, I'm surprised that these boots are still comfortable inside. Have you ever had to do some work inside old boots with insoles, etc?


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