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About Honey Rule

Honey Rule is a minimalism and mindfulness blog dedicated to talking about living an intentional life as a family. I believe we are all works of progress. I hope in sharing my experiences and struggles with my journey, I can help you with yours.

In addition to the main themes of this blog (minimalism, mindfulness, crunch), I’m interested in intermittent fasting, slow fashion, and being zero nearo waste.

About Jenn

Jenn Coyle Honey Rule minimalism mindfulness blogHi there. I’m Jenn. I’m a self-taught web designer and developer, momma to Beans, and burrito lover. I drink tea constantly.

You might’ve seen me talk about design and illustration. I love to handletter in my spare time, and I started the Lettering League.

I’ve had a lot of ups (marriage, partnership, Beans, books published, blogs launched) and downs (divorce, breakups, crippling postpartum psychosis) in my life in my 30-something years, but I feel like I’m pretty darn happy. I attribute a lot of that to what I’ve come to recognize is called minimalism and mindfulness. Neither are new concepts, but both have made significant impacts on my life.

I curse a lot. And I’m vaguely inappropriate.

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my Chris and my tiny roommate, Beans. Beans doesn’t pitch in for rent at all. (We hope to move into center city Philly soon.)

Philadelphia stoop with Beans and Jenn Coyle

Other Shit

Medical-type Disclaimer:

I am not a health professional, nor am I able to give out real medical advice. Check with your doctor before starting any diet or fasting program. Blah blah blah other legal jargon so you won’t sue me if you try intermittent fasting and have an issue from it. Okthanksloveyoubye.

Other Disclaimer:

I occasionally use affiliate links and may earn a small commission if you use my link. That money will support my blogging efforts. *And will feed my tiny baby.*

So click on it if you want, or just use your old pal Google and find the clean link yourself. I don’t care.

Overall, I only ever talk about products or services I’ve used. I will always give my honest opinion.