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Small Changes

July 24, 2017 | Crunch

I don’t follow the green community very closely, but I saw a lot of folks talking about reducing plastic use this month. Since I’ve been trying to be more environmentally conscious, I decided to make a very small, but hopefully impactful, change.

Every week I buy one big Fage yogurt and 5 individual yogurts. The big one is for home, and the small ones I take to work and have them promptly at 3pm. But every time I purchased those 5 yogurts, it made me cringe a bit. The plastic use and the additional cost made me sad.

So I finally put my money where my mouth is. I bought two big yogurts instead, and dished them out into smaller containers for work. Boom.

Plus these containers were originally purchased for Beans so it makes me smile when I go to grab my daily yogurt at work.

What small changes have you made in your consumption habits?

Why I Quit Amazon Prime

July 21, 2017 | Crunch

I quit Amazon prime for a few reasons, one particularly being the last straw. However, let me start from the beginning. I’ve been a customer of Amazon’s since 2002, as they proudly display on my account page. Whoa. That’s a really long time. Not sure how long I’ve been a Prime member. But I was […]

iPhone Minimalism: Outsmart Your Smartphone

May 23, 2016 | Mindfulness

When it comes to smartphones, it’s very clear that phones aren’t just being used as tools. They’re being used as crutches. How are we supposed to enjoy what’s here and now when our iPhones have hold of our senses? We’re becoming attached to our technological devices: phones, tablets, laptops, etc, to the point of dependency. […]

The Done List

August 19, 2014 | Mindfulness

Forget the To-Do list. Productivity and happiness heavily influence each other. I spend a lot of time thinking about productivity and happiness. Together or separate, one heavily influences the other. If you’re not productive, your happiness may dwindle. And if you’re not happy, you may not feel like being productive. In a lot of ways, […]