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No Spend Month Challenge Update: I Kinda Sucked At It

By Jennifer | Minimalism

There are 5 days left of my no-spend month (at the time of first-drafting this post), and in general I think I’ve failed miserably. But before I totally beat myself up, let me explain a little bit. I Bought a Car I bought a car. I bought my dream car. I know I’ve talked a… Read More »

Be Happy Now

By Jennifer | Mindfulness

You’re always dreaming big. You think of the next awesomesauce apartment you’re going to be in, or when you’ll trade in your less-than-shiny car for a brand new one that makes you feel like a badass. I get it. We’re doing the same thing right now. In fact, I wrote this post in an effort… Read More »

Minimalist Baby Registry: Basics

By Jennifer | Minimalism

Almost two years ago, little Beans came into my life. Despite my personal troubles, he is absolutely the best thing to ever happen to me. Beans the Minimalist BabyHard Work and Mindfulness Can Co-Exist But through the ups and downs, there are things I definitely wish I knew in terms of what I needed (and… Read More »

Zero Waste Periods: Adventures in Menstrual Cups

By Jennifer | Crunch

Over on Wild Minimalist I’m talking about the pros and cons of the Lena Menstrual Cup. Yeah, it’s a full blog post about Aunt Flow. The Red Tide. Periods. Gross. But I promise it’s worth a read if you’ve been toying with the idea of creating less waste per menstrual cycle. Also, Max and Lily… Read More »

How I’m saving $756 per year with a DIY sugar wax

By Jennifer | Crunch

Natural beauty recipes always get me really jazzed. When I came across a DIY sugar wax recipe (again), I knew I had to make some moves. The thought of being able to make your own personal care products at home is really exciting, because it means: you’ll probably be using natural ingredients since they usually… Read More »

Back to Minimalism: A 30-Day No-Spend Challenge

By Jennifer | Minimalism

Confession time: For being a self-proclaimed minimalist, I’ve been sucking at it lately. (Oh hey, yeah, this post is about minimalism, not nearo waste. Rejoice!) I’m Overspending Today is Wednesday, January 17th. Since the weekend, Saturday, January 13th, I’ve purchased or ordered these things: 2 accent lights at IKEA 1 LED pillar candle at IKEA… Read More »

Let’s go #NearoWaste on Instagram

By Jennifer | Crunch

An Instagram Account Dedicated to Near Zero Waste So, I’m a bit nuts. I decided to create a new Instagram account dedicated to #NearoWaste, or Near Zero Waste. In the past I’ve shared Honey Rule-related stuff on my personal Instagram account @jenny.pancakes. But let’s face it: not everyone that follows me on that account gives… Read More »

Composting in the City

By Amy Faith | Crunch

Hi! Hello! Greetings! I’m Amy and I’m a crunchy friend of Jenn’s! In fact, we’ve been friends for 10+ years; we are former Trader Joe’s colleagues, and we love to discuss our crunchy lifestyles. I’ve been a supporter of all of her work, even way back when she had the cutest wellness blog called “The… Read More »

Hard Work and Mindfulness Can Co-Exist

By Jennifer | Mindfulness

A lot of mindfulness experts and minimalists preach that mindfulness is about: Saying no Staying unbusy Do nothing and rest Enjoy doing nothing Stop shoulding all over ourselves At face value, all of these ideas seem so simple, so easy. They’re all super true—a lot of self-discovery and peace can come from slowing down, being… Read More »

Let’s Start the #NearoWaste Movement – Near Zero Waste

By Jennifer | Crunch

We’re so intrigued by the Zero Waste movement. With how much garbage we produce as humans, and how crazy full landfills and oceans are with our trash and misguided recycling, Chris and I want to make an impact by reducing our waste to zero. But life as a zero waste family can be hard. How… Read More »